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Contract Management

I conduct due diligence on existing contracts to determine areas of risk and then take steps to head off potential disputes. This practice strengthens your company’s relationship with customers and vendors, so you can enjoy more mutually profitable transactions.

If your legal expenses are out of proportion to your operating budget, it’s time to consider an investment that will put you in control. The successful execution of our methodology has reduced legal costs for hundreds of our legal clients. If contract issues seem to be a persistent problem, we can review your existing agreements to discover areas of risk while you strengthen your relationships with trade partners; rather than tear them apart through litigation. You can also rely on our guidance to manage numerous risks that could potentially drain your resources.

We troubleshoot your existing agreements to avoid legal issues in a subsequent sale, redemption of the founder, or recapitalization.

The absence of provisions for succession planning, distributions in complete redemption, reorganizations, mergers or other transactions often create chaos that can kill the deal, destroy deal value or result in extremely expensive transactional litigation between stakeholders. Often, companies forego detailing these provisions to save a few thousand dollars at formation, only to suffer a loss of millions in the future.


  • Renegotiating Evolving Contractual Relationships is a Key to Avoiding Disputes
  • Increased Contractual Complexity
  • Dispute Prevention & Avoidance
  • Contract Management as a mechanism to reinforce relationships with Customers and Vendors
  • Mutually profitable contractual relationships evolve to accommodate change enjoying reduced litigation risk, enhanced satisfaction and improved profitability

Let our proactive legal service enhance your company’s commercial value

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