Your Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Income Tax Lawyers

Filing your income taxes correctly and staying on top of any audits can help prevent tax issues from getting out of hand. No matter your situation, the income tax lawyers at Spizzirri Law are ready to assist.

Who Are Income Tax Lawyers and What Exactly Do They Do?


A tax lawyer is a legal professional focused on areas pertaining to tax liability and the process of taxation as it relates to income from all sources. 

Tax lawyers aid in guiding their clients through complex tax laws, thus saving them a substantial amount of money as they take advantage of deductions. They also help businesses, individuals, and limited liability companies in times of audit by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


The Role of an Income Tax Attorney

No one enjoys having to watch your hard-earned money being cut to pay off taxes, even if the money is used to develop and improve essential things such as health centers, education, transportation, and communication, to name a few.

Unfortunately, many people file their taxes incorrectly or, at times, forget to file them hence raising alarms to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). If the IRS notices such errors, it may land you in deep trouble with them. No need to worry as it is the perfect time to hire a tax attorney to help you solve the tax issue.

Tax lawyers research on behalf of their clients; they conduct interviews and explain to their clients the complex federal government, state, and local tax law. They also have to represent their clients before the authority for ruling and during tax disputes. They may provide you with proactive advice on an ongoing basis.

They may also advise you about setting up estate plans as well as making monetary gifts. Some other tax attorneys represent their clients in criminal cases such as tax evasion or fraud.

Are Income Tax Attorneys Worth It, And Are They Able To Help Their Clients?


Fortunately, yes! You probably do not see their worth as of now, but when the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) places tax liens against your property, selling some of your assets, for instance, your land, can be a challenge. This is where tax attorneys come in, particularly when it comes to severe federal tax debt issues such as overdue tax levies and tax returns on their assets.

So, income tax lawyers are important in helping you with your legal issues and clearing any tax debt that you may have.

    Are Income Tax Attorneys Worth It And Are They Able To Help Their Clients

    Some of The Various Situations In Which Income Tax Lawyers Can Be of Assistance


    Income tax lawyers can come in handy in a variety of situations. Listed below are just a few examples of when you might need a lawyer to help you navigate the complexities of income tax law.


    If You Are Being Audited

    If you find yourself being audited with the IRS or owe them money and could be facing an impending audit, it is best to hire a tax attorney to work on such tax matters. A tax attorney with extensive experience can handle such cases and prevent the IRS from taking enforcement action such as wage garnishments, assets seizures, and bank levies. Apart from resolving such tax matters, a tax lawyer may educate you on how to remain in tax compliance moving forward and avoid future tax law mistakes.

      Some of The Various Situations In Which Income Tax Lawyers Can Be of Assistance

      If You Are Starting A Business

      A local tax lawyer can help you in tax planning and educate you on various tax issues. They may also inform you of any implications regarding the taxation of the multiple business entities and the effects of the tax on business owners.


      If You Are Considering Buying Out Rental Property

      You may want to purchase real estate, but you may not be well-conversant with how to go about it and its impact on your income tax return. Tax attorneys can help you understand these legal issues and allow you to take advantage of the federal tax code.


      If You Have Not Filed Tax Returns

      Like we said, most people innocently forget to file their tax returns, landing them in the hands of the IRS. Tax attorneys are vital as they help you sort such tax matters and always help you file your tax returns correctly and always on time to avoid making errors.

      How Can A Federal Income Tax Lawyer Help You With Your Tax Issues?


      Federal income taxes are required by nearly every income-earning individual who is living within the United States of America. The tax rates may differ from one state to the other, but everything remains consistent in applicable tax law.

      A federal income tax lawyer can help you deal with the state tax board agency regardless of your legal issue. They help their clients by serving as your legal understanding and as your spokesman helping you avoid any potential hardship while protecting your assets. They help you by guiding you towards the dealings with the tax agencies.

        How Can A Federal Income Tax Lawyer Help You With Your Tax Issues

        How To Find A Tax Attorney – Spizzirri Law LLC, Business General Counsel


        Your company deserves a proactive business general counsel to represent your company’s interests. Do not worry about finding a reliable tax attorney who will help you with your tax issue, as Spizzirri Law LLC has you covered. We aim at offering the best legal assistance to all our esteemed clients.

        At Spizzirri Law LLC, we understand that you want your endeavor to be profitable while minimizing your expenses and maximizing your returns on investments. Our law firm is experienced in international law, and so we can help our international clients whenever they may need assistance.

        We provide tax planning for all merger and acquisition transactions. We represent our clients in disputes that involve sales tax, corporate income tax, intangible tax matters, and more. We have extensive experience in handling a range of tax-related practice areas, including tax preparations, tax law opinions, federal tax audits with the IRS, and filing reviews.

        Since preventing problems in a company or business creates more enterprise value than solving them as expected, our mission as a law firm is to create enterprise value through proper planning and preparation. Apart from taxation, some of the other practice areas we focus on include contract management, international business, legal budgeting, regulatory compliance, and transaction advisory services.

        At Spizzirri Law, we are fully prepared to help you. So, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation to learn how our approach can produce greater value for your business. Contact us today.

          How To Find A Tax Attorney Spizzirri Law LLC Business General Counsel

          Let a proactive corporate tax lawyer provide a reliable opinion

          A mistaken assumption in your company’s tax strategy can destroy the value of a complex transaction. Before you move forward on your development strategy or engage in a tax dispute with the IRS, let Spizzirri Law Offices Company Limited provide an unbiased opinion of your tax exposure.

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