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Merger & Acquisition

We are meticulous in our examination of every aspect of a proposed M&A. You can rely on our advice to steer you away from trouble and toward value. A mistake in any of these steps can cause integration failures, operating losses, and even damage to the core business. The result could be a “subtraction by addition,” causing the business to contract rather than expand because of the acquisition. There are numerous stories in the annals of business about companies whose officers stared starry-eyed at a shiny acquisition and, failing to perform due diligence at a professional standard, missed red flags that should have warned them off the deal.
At Spizzirri Law, we have represented several multi-billion dollar private equity funds in all aspects of mergers, acquisitions and integrations, and we are ready to help your company as well.

Let our proactive legal service enhance your company’s commercial value

If you are a small to medium-sized business anywhere in the United States, learn how Spizzirri Law Offices Company Limited can deliver value for your company. For a consultation on the firm’s commercial law services,
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If you are spending too much of your company’s budget on legal fees, or you are just tired of the reactive approach to business law, Paul M. Spizzirri is prepared to help. Schedule a consultation to learn how my approach can produce value for your business. Call (404) 999-2161 or contact my Atlanta office online.