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Spizzirri Law facilitates corporate separation for small to medium-sized companies. Drawing on 25 years of corporate law experience, I can dissolve partnerships on terms that maintain the value of your enterprise.

The first step in a business separation — deciding which partner or group of partners stays and which goes — can be a difficult and contentious process. Partners are often more than financially invested in the company they built. As with a regular divorce, a period of “marital counseling” may be in order. But if the partnership simply cannot be saved, the partners must move on.

Mediation is often a helpful process for exploring the various possibilities open to the partners. A skilled mediator can help business partners identify realistic goals for the company’s future and for their own futures. Often, mediation can help partners realize that their goals for the future are really at odds with the company’s and that taking the company where they want it to go is not the best way to enhance the value of this asset. When that realization occurs, all sides know who the exiting party should be, and the next task, arranging a fair buyout, comes to the fore.

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