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As the tax attorney Atlanta counts on, Spizzirri Law is prepared to skillfully solve your tax problems and set you forward on the path to success.

There are few areas of the law as complicated as corporate or partnership taxation. Poor tax planning or adverse IRS actions can severely impact a small or medium-sized business. If you are concerned you haven’t been getting reliable advice on taxation, or you have an upcoming audit, Spizzirri Law is prepared to help. 

As a full-service business law firm serving the Metro Atlanta area, we have extensive experience handling a wide range of tax-related practice areas, including tax law opinions, tax preparation and filing review, federal tax audits with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and state tax audits with the Georgia Department of Revenue, collection defensive measures, and criminal tax defense. Our reputation for integrity and professionalism among entrepreneurial individuals and businesses helps us work effectively even under the most adverse circumstances to resolve tax problems favorably for our clients.

Protect Your Business With an IRS Tax Attorney Atlanta, GA

If the IRS has sent you a notice that it plans to audit your business, you need the assistance of an experienced tax lawyer to help you minimize negative consequences, which can include additional assessments, penalties, interest, and even criminal prosecution. Our years of experience with all areas of state and federal tax law allow us to understand the complicated processes and procedures that accompany an audit.
At Spizzirri Law, we provide the proactive representation you need to prepare your company for the audit, including sound and effective tax law opinion letters, tax books and records documentation, and maintenance and tactical initiatives to support your company’s tax strategies. When you come to our Georgia tax law practice, we will serve as your trusted legal representatives throughout the course of the audit, defending your tax practices whenever the auditors raise an issue. When errors are uncovered on your tax return, our tax attorneys can often negotiate a settlement that satisfies tax investigators and avoids an escalation of the controversy.

Tax Opinions to Protect Your Company From IRS Audits and Penalties

An audit by the IRS is costly, time-consuming, and distracting for your business. When there are questions about the company’s compliance with applicable tax law, we draft tax opinion letters expressing our basis, in law and in fact, for believing your company is likely to prevail on the merits with respect to any significant federal and state tax issues.
In some cases, this may be enough to obviate the need for an audit. In other cases, it can form the basis for a defense against certain penalties. No matter the outcome, we’ll be there to help you navigate each step of the process and give you the peace of mind you need to get back to running your business.

Tax Attorney Atlanta, GA Offering Smart Solutions to IRS Tax Collection Actions

In some situations, unpaid business tax can directly lead to a series of tax collection actions rather than an audit. When this happens, you need the best tax relief attorney Atlanta, GA has to offer to help you resolve your tax debt.

The IRS has aggressive tools at its disposal to collect back taxes and penalties. However, indiscriminate use of such tools, including the filing of tax liens, can restrict your access to the capital. Suddenly, you are faced with a Catch 22 — use capital to continue operations so it’s impossible to repay what you owe, or repay your back taxes but cease business operations. This choice can be even more difficult when tax compliance failures come as a surprise result of an audit examination where previously unknown liabilities for tax, interest, and penalties can exceed your ability to pay.

Before you let IRS collections force you into bankruptcy, consult a knowledgeable tax relief attorney who can protect your rights. Spizzirri Law is well-versed in the wide range of tax resolution options available to you. From innocent spouse relief to currently not collectible status, we’ll explore every avenue to help you obtain the tax relief you deserve.

Tax Attorney Atlanta, Georgia — Fighting for Your Rights in Complex Tax Litigation

In many instances, an optimal result of an audit examination can only be achieved through tax court litigation. When the results of an audit are controversial, you have the right to challenge the auditors’ findings in the U.S. Tax Court, the United States Court of Claims, or the United States District Court. However, you shouldn’t attempt this on your own. With so much at stake, consulting a tax attorney in Atlanta, Georgia with extensive courtroom experience and the comprehensive tax knowledge to back it up is essential.
As a tax litigation attorney with vast experience in tax disputes, Paul Spizzirri can help you through every step of the process. No matter your issue, he has extensive experience in the Tax Court and is prepared to provide you with the zealous legal advice and advocacy you need to begin moving forward.

Turn to Our Attorneys for Top Criminal Tax Defense in Georgia

On rare occasions, an IRS audit uncovers discrepancies in tax returns and other documents that prompt investigators to refer criminal charges. Potential penalties of an inaccurate tax return are steep, including heavy fines and potential prison time. Our law firm provides defense to criminal charges stemming from tax issues as well as civil tax disputes.
Having been with our clients throughout the audit, we can move seamlessly to a defense of tax-related criminal charges, including tax fraud or tax evasion. When necessary, our lawyers partner with criminal defense counsel, which acts as local counsel or litigation partners on substantial cases that can involve a variety of federal or state tax-related criminal charges in addition to tax fraud. However, time is of the utmost importance in these circumstances, so we encourage you to contact us today so we can begin building a strong defense to protect your rights, freedom, future, and reputation.

Tax Attorney Atlanta Georgia — Fighting for Your Rights in Complex Tax Litigation

Why You Need a Tax Law Specialist for Impartial Tax Opinions

If you went to a doctor with a complaint about chest pains, and he told you not to worry because it’s only indigestion, you might want a second opinion. After all, if he’s wrong, you’ve got a great deal to lose, especially if you plan to run a 5K next week.
The same logic applies to taxation. If your company is mulling over a development strategy, you need to know if your taxation plan can survive scrutiny from the Internal Revenue Service, or if an alternative tax structure could reduce your exposure further without raising red flags, and a tax law specialist can help. At Spizzirri Law Offices, tax opinion letters constitute a significant part of our Georgia business/commercial law practice. Time and time again, client businesses rely on our analysis when making strategic decisions that depend on favorable tax consequences.

Benefits of a Tax Opinion Letter From Our IRS Tax Lawyers

The first purpose of a tax opinion letter is to eliminate risk from an upcoming transaction. Suppose your company was considering a merger or acquisition. Because a complex transaction can succeed or fail based on how favorably the IRS treats your tax strategy, there are many stakeholders — from your board to your shareholders to the lender who might extend a line of credit — who want to be certain of the tax implications.
As top-rated Atlanta, Georgia tax attorneys, we thoroughly examine the details of a proposed transaction, scrutinize the tax plan, and draft a detailed opinion letter, affirming or denying the legal and factual bases for the tax assumptions in the plan.
When our letter declares why we, as a disinterested party, believe the corporation’s proposed tax strategy is meretricious, this result sets shareholder minds at ease and insulates board members from potential allegations that they breached their fiduciary duty in approving the transaction. The company can structure the transaction with confidence and will generally find it much easier to raise capital and at a lower cost. Additionally, when you become our client, we may be able to secure prior IRS approval that removes any shadow of controversy from the transaction. On the other hand, when our tax opinion raises red flags about potential conflicts with the U.S. Tax Code, your company now has actionable intelligence to help you rework the deal on a sounder basis.
There are many other tax issues for which your company might want an opinion letter from an Atlanta tax lawyer. It could be a necessary precursor to a contract or a means of determining whether circumstances have triggered certain contractual provisions. However, for this service to have any meaning at all, two conditions must be met.
First, we must preserve our impartiality. We can only draft tax opinions for companies we have not been closely involved with already on tax matters. Second, we must go where the facts lead us. On occasion, our opinions can be contrary to the clients’ desires. Even so, our opinion can supply a basis for remedying the tax controversy. To learn more about our tax opinion letter services, please contact us for a free consultation.

Book a Free Consultation With a Top Atlanta Tax Attorney and Begin Your Path to Success

IMost of our clients come to us with time-sensitive tax issues. However, our tax law services don’t stop there. Successfully navigating the complexities of corporate tax matters to ensure consistent compliance is just as, if not more, important as handling tax disputes when they happen.

A mistaken assumption in your company’s tax strategy can destroy the value of a complex transaction. Before you move forward on your development strategy or engage in a tax dispute with the IRS, let an Atlanta tax attorney at Spizzirri Law Firm, LLC provide an unbiased opinion of your tax exposure.

When you consult our attorneys regarding your tax issues, we’ll not only help you resolve them but also offer personalized legal guidance to prevent any similar issues from occurring in the future, setting you forward on the path to success. We’re not just tax litigators — we’re your trusted legal advisors, and that makes all the difference as a business owner. Tax planning is one of the many proactive strategies we utilize at our office under our general counsel services, and with our attorneys’ years of experience on your side, you can rest assured that your business and your livelihood lie in good hands.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services as well as your rights and options, we invite you to contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Call us by phone at (404) 999-2161 or contact our Atlanta office online to get started.

Let a proactive corporate tax lawyer provide a reliable opinion

A mistaken assumption in your company’s tax strategy can destroy the value of a complex transaction. Before you move forward on your development strategy or engage in a tax dispute with the IRS, let Spizzirri Law Offices Company Limited provide an unbiased opinion of your tax exposure.

To schedule a consultation, call (404) 999-2161 or contact our Atlanta office online.

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