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Tax Litigation

Finding the internal revenue service and tax court can be complicated. We have decades of experience and tax litigation delivering a proven track record of results. The best result is often achieved by filing a tax court petition and negotiating a settlement of that litigation or by taking the case to trial. In either event, litigation introduces a fresh perspective from the IRS viewpoint outside the audit function That can be more open-minded towards the taxpayer’s point of view. Tax issues are often not black and white; rather, they are grey. Litigation often settles before trial providing positive results for our clients that we were unable to obtain in negotiations with the auditor.

In many instances, an optimal result of an audit examination can only be achieved through tax court litigation. When the results of an audit are controversial, you have the right to challenge the auditors’ findings in the U.S. Tax Court, the United States Court of Claims, or United States District Court.

As a tax attorney with vast experience in tax disputes, litigation, and other Atlanta tax issues, Paul can help you through every step of the process. No matter your issue, he has extensive experience in the Tax Court and is prepared to provide you with the zealous advocacy you need.

Our IRS attorney Atlanta provides a defense to criminal charges as well as civil tax issues and disputes.

Having been with my clients throughout the audit, I can move seamlessly to a defense of criminal charges, including tax fraud or tax evasion. When necessary, we partner with criminal defense counsel, who act as local counsel or litigation partners on substantial cases that can involve a variety of federal or state criminal charges in addition to tax fraud.

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